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WordPress is the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) websites. WordPress started as a blogging tool, but quickly became more and more developed to also handle even websites. WordPress became so popular due in large part because it is easy to use and learn, and that it is free (open source) to download and customize to their liking. WordPress now runs around 20% of all the world’s websites and it gets stronger every day. WordPress is now a well-developed system that can handle both e-commerce and intranets as major international websites in several languages ​​with thousands of concurrent visitors.

WordPress website:

Hire Bevace Media Web Agency so you get a complete solution at a fixed price. They offer a professional website with WordPress for a very competitive price. All Their websites have a unique design for the company’s graphical profile and preferences. Have you no visual identity or logo, They can help you develop one.

WordPress Web Hosting Firm in Stockholm:

Bevace Media is a WordPress specialist web agency with offices in Stockholm. They’ve been working with WordPress since 2007 and are experts in the system and can be anything related to the WordPress platform to do! They have chosen to work with WordPress is solely due to its flexibility and usability which is appreciated by our customers.

What do some of satisfied customers?

“Awesome service very happy with the website!” What made me choose Webbyrå-WordPress was that they are easy to hold and deal with and they are trustworthy. Bevace Media Web Agency really keeps their promises! Moreover, as is their support super!

Magnus Ryden, Micro Media

“I have always received a very nice and personal touch.” Bevace Media Web Agency understood exactly what I wanted for the business page. When there have been problems, they have always had the time and patience to help.

Sarah Martinsson, Maid in Stockholm

“The website has meant a lot to us!” The production of our new website in WordPress started immediately after our first meeting. We cannot be more than super happy with the result!

Niklas Elofsson, Stockholm Media Studio

Welcome to contact us at the Bevace Media Web Agency or why not come by our office at Stationsallén 2, 2tr 19270 Stockholm for a coffee and discuss with us about your new WordPress Webbyrå. Visit www.Bevace.se or call at 08-559 26 039 to make an appointment with us.

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